Code :: Blocks is a free, open-source development environment for C, C , D, and Fortran. Code :: Blocks is based on wxWidgets and runs under GNU / Linux, Windows, and most Unix derivatives.


It supports multiple compilers:

  • GCC (Win32 / Linux / Mac OS X) ( under Windows porting MinGW)
  • Microsoft Visual C Free Toolkit 2008 ( Win32)
  • Borland C Compiler 5.5 ( Win32)
  • Digital Mars (Win32)
  • Or Watcom Open Watcom (Win32)
  • Small Device C Compiler ( SDCC )

Code :: Blocks has its own build system that works without makefiles.


  • Configurable syntax highlighting
  • Code folding ( expand / collapse ) of C - and XML
  • Class Browser


Code :: Blocks is easy to configure and extensible. For example, auto-completion and a Dev -Pak import feature trough plugin are available. Predefined project templates, workspaces, a class browser, source code folding, and an import function for projects from Visual Studio are included. In addition, plugins for a wxWidgets Rapid Application Development environment exist.