Codepage 864

The code page 864 ( also IBM864 ) is a PC DOS and MS- DOS - Code Page and was developed by IBM. It encodes the Arabic script.

In the 80s there were many mutually incompatible encodings for Arabic, all had in common is that they replaced the ASCII characters. Microsoft and IBM have subsequently sought to develop a standardized coding for Arabic based on ASCII. Finally, IBM published its Code Page 864, while Microsoft used its code page 720.

In contrast to code page 720 only once coded each Arabic character and demands of Scripture that they can automatically select the correct form depending on the position encoded IBM's code page each form separately, which although is not a smart font technology to support the coding needed but the code page of space is incompatible with code page 437.

The following table shows the repertoire of code page 864 The code positions 9Bhex, 9Chex, A6 hex, A7hex and FFhex are not used.

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