Codepage 932

The code page 932 is a character encoding of the Windows operating system that was introduced with Windows 3.1. It is registered with IANA as a Windows - 31J.

The code page is an extension of the Shift-JIS character set and encoding of the leading bits 87, ED, EE, FA, FB and FC additional circled and parenthesized characters, roman numerals, mathematical symbols and additional kanji.

In 1982, the Shift - JIS character set was created, Microsoft has introduced this character set for its products. A modified version of that font was used in 1983 for the IBM 5550. At the same time, another version was introduced for the PC -9800 series NEC computer. As Microsoft developed the Japanese version of Windows 3.1, it decided to integrate the additional symbols of both the NEC and of the IBM computer in their character set to use in Windows.