Coeus (Greek Κοῖος, question, questioning ) or polos ( Πόλος ) is one of the Titans of Greek mythology.

Like the other Titans he was pushed after their defeat against the Olympian gods to Tartarus, where the Hundred stand guard in front of the brazen door.


When his mother Gaia gave them the order to castrate Uranus, he kept with his brothers Hyperion, Krios and Iapetus fixed her father. Kronos then castrated him with a sickle. Since he was Koios held the father in the north and the north of titanium or titanium to the north pole.


Coeus is the son of Uranus and Gaia. His wife was the Titan Phoebe. His daughters were Leto and Asteria.

  • Leto was the mother of Artemis and Apollo.
  • Asteria was the mother of Hecate.

Pedigree of the Titans


Astrologically Koios is associated with the planet Mercury.