Cogna is a commune in the French department of Jura in the Franche -Comté.


Cogna is located on 541 m above sea level. M., about 19 km southeast of the town of Lons -le- Saunier (air line). The village is located in the Jura, in the south of the plateau of Champagnole, the east follows the valley of the Ain, north of the Taleinschnitts of Drouvenant opposite the town of Clairvaux- les -Lacs.

The area of ​​6.60 km ² municipal area includes a portion of the French Jura. The central area is occupied by a sloping gently to the west plateau. 550 m above sea level on average M. lies. It is mostly covered by arable and meadow land, but also possesses some forest areas. This plateau is bounded on the south and west by the up to 50 m deep valley cut of Drouvenant ( left tributary of the Ain ), which also marks the boundary of the municipality. To the east the plateau rises gradually, and in the area of the Col de Crillat is 700 m above sea level. M. reached the highest elevation of Cogna.

Neighboring communities of Cogna are Vertamboz and Uxelles in the north, Saint- Maurice- Crillat in the east, the south and La Frasnée Clairvaux- les -Lacs in the south and west.


The territory of Cogna was already inhabited in prehistoric times. Is first mentioned the town in the 12th century. The place name derives from the old French word co ( i) gne in the importance of corner angle. Since the Middle Ages Cogna belonged to the dominion of the Barony of Clairvaux- les -Lacs. Together with the Franche -Comté reached the village with the Peace of Nijmegen in 1678 to France.


With 261 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) Cogna is one of the small towns in the Jura. After the population had decreased in the first half of the 20th century (1911 268 persons were still counted ), only small fluctuations were recorded since the early 1960s.

Economy and infrastructure

Cogna was until well into the 20th century a predominantly coined by farming village. In addition, there are now a number of companies of small and medium industries, including one company that manufactures electronic components. Meanwhile, the village has also changed into a residential community. Many workers are commuters who engage in the larger towns in the vicinity of their work.

The village has good transport links. It lies on the main road N78, which runs from Lons -le- Saunier to Saint -Laurent -en- Grandvaux. Further road links exist with Uxelles, Crillat and La Frasnée.

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  • Commune in the department of Jura
  • Place in Franche -Comté