Cointreau [ kwɛ'tʀo ] is a brand name for a made ​​from the skins of sweet and bitter orange liqueur. As triple sec Cointreau belongs to the family of Curaçao and has an alcohol content of 40 % vol.

The brand belongs to the group Rémy Cointreau and is distributed in Germany by Team Spirit.


The orange peel used for Cointreau come from sweet and bitter oranges from the countries of Haiti, Brazil and Spain. The shells are shuffled and placed for maceration in alcohol. This removes the alcohol cold orange peel slowly the aroma. This is followed by distillation, whereby a high-proof distillate is produced. In the other production phases arises from it with sugar, water and neutral alcohol of Cointreau. Cointreau is, among other things, the Cosmopolitan, the Margarita and used many other cocktails.


1849 founded the brothers Adolphe and Edouard -Jean Cointreau in Angers (France ), the first distillery of the house Cointreau. In 1875, took over Edouard Cointreau Junior at that time still small businesses. He not only invented the famous liquor, but also since characteristic square bottle of brown glass. Already at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1878 his liqueur was awarded a first prize. 1885 was Cointreau protect the brand name.

The meaning was very early recognized by Advertising: From the Lumière brothers Cointreau was shortly after the first public screenings a first commercial for Cointreau produce. 1898 created the Italian poster designer Nicolas Tamagno the figure of Pierrot, which should be 50 years remain the mascot of the company. 1920 and 1950 respectively took Cointreau sons André and Louis the company; between 1950 and 1960 were Pierre, Robert and Max Cointreau into the company and accelerated global expansion, culminating in the merger with the family Rémy Martin and the founding of the group Remy Cointreau 1990.

Since September 2007, the burlesque actress and stripper Dita Von Teese is the official " brand ambassador ".