Colca Canyon

The Colca Valley (also Colca Canyon; Spanish Cañón del Colca Valley or ) is a gorge near Chivay in Peru, 97 kilometers north of Arequipa. He is, depending on whether you measure from the highest mountain peaks near the canyon to the Río Colca, or from the edge of the canyon, 3,269 m and 1,200 m deep. The Grand Canyon is against it (only ) some 1,800 meters deep. Thus, the Colca Canyon is the second deepest canyon in the world. From a geological point of view of Colca Canyon is less than 100 million years ago to look young as.

Rock paintings and caves where once the so-called " Colcas ", containers for the storage of grain, were kept, evidence of the past, the Collagua culture; the original inhabitants of the region.

The upper slopes of the canyon are often structured by human hands to terraces, many of which are several hundred years old, using the current residents for their efficient land development. This terrace structures gave the mountain range of the Andes his name.

Cruz del Condor

Between Cabana Conde and Chivay is the Condor Cross ( Cruz del Condor ). The 2-3 m wingspan of the Condor is ideally suited to take advantage of the first faint morning thermals to soar between eight and ten clock quiet on the canyon rim. On the cross of the condor, it is usually cool and extremely drafty.


View of the Colca valley with terraces

Homestead in the Colca Valley

Terraces on the Colca Canyon