Colchester is a town in England with 104 390 inhabitants, and the center of Essex County northeast of London with access to western North Sea and own ports, such as in Wivenhoe or Brightlingsea. Colchester is situated on the River Colne.


The Gallo- British war god Mars Camulus was the namesake of this oppidum of the Trinovantes, that after Caesar's deduction to the main town of the Belgian tribes united under Cunobelinus, King of the Catuvellauni, was. Colchester is the oldest documented urban settlement in the UK.

After the Roman conquest a Roman military camp was established near the city to 43-44 AD, Legio XX Valeria in the Victrix was housed with auxiliary troops. The Roman Colchester was known as Camulodunum administrative seat for the just conquered Britain. The Legion, however, was relocated in the winter of 48-49 AD by Publius Ostorius scapula Glevum ( Gloucester) in Wales and razed the fortifications in Camulodunum. The site of the abandoned camp continued to be used as a veteran colony Colonia Victrix. Camulodunum was destroyed in AD 61 during the Boudicca uprising and had its role as the administrative headquarters of Britain dispose to Londinium. Still remained the place that was built in the sequence again, significant, and received around 100 AD even a Roman Circus, the only one who could be so far seen on the island.


Maybe Colchester was once the famous Camelot from the Arthurian legend. The town is supposedly named after the legendary King Coel Britannic, which is known primarily from a nursery rhyme as " cheerful old chap ."

Transport links

Colchester can be reached from London via the train station "Liverpool Street station ". Regular connections bring the visitor in about 45 minutes to " North Station " north of downtown. The nearest airport is London Stansted Airport.

Educational institutions

Colchester is home to the University of Essex, which was founded in the 1960s with a focus for the social sciences (sociology, political science, economics, psychology, etc.). Also a good reputation enjoy the disciplines of applied computer science and physics. The University is located near the village Wivenhoe "on the green meadow " and has about 10,000 students. Social scientists will find the opportunity in six intense weeks to complete or to develop their own research interests, a methods training at university level in the annually held in July and August " Essex Summer School for Data Analysis and Collection".


Is well preserved Roman and Norman times the castle Colchester Castle with park in the city center. A popular attraction in the city center is the "Dutch Quarter " with well-preserved half-timbered buildings from the late 16th century ( 1550-1600 ). The half-timbered houses and a church were built by exiled Calvinist weavers and textile artisans from Flanders and the Netherlands. Also the zoo is one of the city's attractions. As a regional highlight is still the roller disco, perfect for skating at the current chart music and disco lighting.


Colchester is home to the football club Colchester United, who in the Football League One - plays - the third- highest division in the English league system.

Twin Cities

Twin towns of Colchester are Avignon in France, Imola in Italy and Wetzlar in Germany.


  • Allister Carter ( born 1979 ), snooker player
  • Del Harris (born 1969 ), squash player
  • Dave Rowntree (born 1964 ), drummer for Blur
  • Sheila Nicholls (born 1970 ), singer and composer