Colico is a town on Lake Como in the Province of Lecco in Lombardy, Italy.

Location and data

Colico is located 76 km north of Milan on the northeastern shore of Lake Como. The Adda, the largest tributary, flows into the lake. Colico, with an area of 35.3 km ² and a population of 7566 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) is the main town in the north of Lake Como.

Districts are Curcio, Laghetto, Olgiasca and Villatico.

The neighboring municipalities are Consiglio di Rumo (CO), Delebio (SO), Domaso (CO ) Dongo (CO), Dorio, Gera Lario (CO), Gravedona (CO), Musso (CO), Pagnona, Pianello del Lario (CO ) Piantedo (SO), Treme Nico and Vercana (CO).


1603/1604 the fortress Fuentes was built in Colico. Colico came in 1735 under Austrian rule. During the time of the Lombardo - Venetian kingdom (1815-1866), the major link roads Milano- Lecco - Colico, the built Adda and Meratals and roads across the Alpine passes to central Europe. 1861 Colico was a part of the new Kingdom of Italy with Lombardy.


  • Colico is located on the railway line Milan - Lecco - Tirano, where connection is made to the Bernina Railway. There is also a rail link to Chiavenna.
  • In Colico meet over two locally important roads: through the village leads the SS 36 from Milan to Chiavenna, where there are sequels over the Maloja Pass into the Engadin and the Splügelnpass to the valley of the Hinter-Rhein; the SS 38 leads from Colico about Sondrio and Bormio to Stelvio Pass and from there down to Merano and Bolzano in South Tyrol.


An important cultural monument is the well-preserved Cistercian monastery " Abbazia di Piona " even Priorat di Piona called a monastery dating from the 12th century. The monks sell monastery there products. The fortress Fuentes must be counted among the attractions.

Community partnership

Colico maintains since 1986 partnerships with Wolfegg in Upper Swabia ( Germany ).