Colin Kolles

Colin Kolles ( born December 30, 1967 in Timişoara, Romania) was 2010-2011 team boss of the Formula 1 team Hispania Racing. As team leader, he was responsible in the past several Formula 1 teams, most recently the Indian team Force India, as well as teams in the DTM, smaller formula series and the Le Mans Series.


Colin Kolles has a doctorate in dental and worked as a medical assistant in Ingolstadt, before opening his own practice, also in Ingolstadt, together with his mother Adele.


Formula racing

Kolles first came in 1985 with the Motorsport in touch, but only in the early 2000s he decided to pursue his passion and to change occupation. He first rose to be a partner in a Formula 3 team, before he founded his own Formula 3 team (Team Kolles ). In 2001, the team with Pierre Kaffer fought as a driver for the title and won four individual victories. In 2003, Colin Kolles another team that worked with Toyota Racing. In the same year he first met with the Russian-Canadian businessman Alexander Shnaider, with whom he already planned a year later to start their own Formula 1 team. In the season 2005 Shnaider however, decided to take over the Jordan team, and thus the existing infrastructure. Eddie Jordan retired from business operations, leaving the new owners the field. At the start of the 2006 season, the Jordan team was renamed MF1 Racing and Kolles used as team manager. Already in the late summer, the team was sold to Spyker and the following season the team entered F1 team under the name of Spyker. Kolles remained team manager. After the recent sale of the racing team during the 2007 season to the Indian billionaire Vijay Mallya, the team name changed in Force India. Kolles was also in the following season, chief of the racing team. Contrary to rumors in 2008 Kolles remained until September 2009 Director at Force India.

In February 2010, Kolles was later named Hispania Racing as team manager of the Spanish Formula 1 teams Campos Grand Prix F1 Team. In December 2011 he announced an end to cooperation with the Spanish team.


Kolles was also team manager of the resident in Greding Futurecome teams that took part in the DTM between 2006 and 2009. In the 2007 DTM season, Adam Carroll and Vanina Ickx drove an Audi A4 DTM 2005 Team Kolles. After Adam Carroll was changed in the GP2 Series, took over the German Winkelhock his cockpit. The Team Kolles worked closely with his long-term partner Audi.