Colle Ferro is a municipality in the province of Rome in the Italian region Latium, located about 21,614 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2012).


Colle Ferro lies in the valley of the Sacco on the northern slopes of the Monti Lepini, 54 kilometers east of Rome. The municipality covers an altitude 87-235 m slm

Its districts are Colle Ferro, Colle Ferro Scalo and Quarto Chilometro.


In the area of ​​today's Colle Ferro lay the ancient city Sacriportus. In the spring of 82 BC Sulla struck there, the army of the younger Marius devastating.

Colle Ferro is one of the youngest towns in the province of Rome. Only with the construction of the railway from Rome to Naples was created at the end of the 19th century a settlement on Segni - Paliano station named Segni Scalo, which was, however, in the municipality of Valmontone. With the establishment of industries ( explosives and cement) the settlement grew. On July 8, 1935, the independent community Colle Ferro was formed from parts of the municipalities of Valmontone, Segni and Paliano. The town was heavily damaged in World War II and rebuilt since the 1950s as the center of the upper Saccotals again.


Source: ISTAT


Mario Cacciotti ( PdL ) was elected Mayor for the second time in May 2011. His center-right alliance also with 11 of 16 seats, the majority in the City Council.

Twin Cities

Economy and infrastructure

The largest local companies are the chemicals group SNIA and the cement manufacturer Italcementi.

Colle Ferro lies on the ancient Via Casilina, today as part of the SS 6 trunk road network that leads from Rome to Campania. In addition, the city lies on the Autostrada del Sole A1 (connection Colle Ferro), which connects Milan with Naples. A good railway connection across the railway line Rome - Cassino Frosinone Naples by Colle Ferro - Segni - Paliano station.