Colnect was founded in 2002 as Iceland Phone Cards Database and had the goal to create a database of all phone cards. Since autumn 2008 also catalogs other collection pieces are created. First, stamps and coins were added; later followed by other categories. In November 2012, the Colnect API was released, applications can be programmed with the developer that accesses the catalog information ..


The catalogs of Colnect provided by the users online. All visitors to the site can ( etc. output data, circulation figures, images) to access the published data. Registered users can also their own collections, exchange and search lists by checking the Manage Collectibles, whereby the retention ratio and number can be specified. It is also possible to automatically synchronize the own list with those of the other collectors. In addition, there is a forum and the possibility of other members through messages to contact swaps or similar to agree. A premium membership with advanced features can be acquired; for contributors there for free. Premium Members can for example download all personal lists of collectibles in order to subsequently open with a spreadsheet.


There are collectors from 129 countries regularly active on Colnect, many of which participate on a voluntary basis on the side. This also includes translators who have now been translated into 62 languages ​​page. Overview of categories:

( Updated March 15, 2014)


In the competition startup 2.0, where innovative Web 2.0 projects participated, Colnect was named in April 2009 as the winner.