Colnrade is a municipality in the district Harpstedt Oldenburg in Lower Saxony.

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Colnrade is located on the Hunte River, a tributary of the Weser, which is crossed here by the county road from Twist rings to Wildeshausen. Colnrade borders the counties of Vechta and Diepholz.

Community structure


  • Austen
  • Beckstedt
  • Holtorf
  • Ostersehlt


  • Straws
  • Small straws
  • Altenmoor
  • Hohnhorst
  • Hohnerkroog
  • Krumdik
  • Spradau
  • Colony


Origin of the name

Old names of Colnrade are Coldenrhade 1348, 1354 Rohde, 1360 Koldenrode, 1362 Coldenrode, 1370 Kaldenrade 1371 Kolenrode, 1530 and 1575 Koldenrade Collenrahde. The first part of the name " Colnrade " is "cold" brought partly in conjunction with, but also partly with " Collen / Gollen ", an old name for the Hunte. It is possible that in this name to an old root word " protocol / call " for water, then Colnrade means something like a " settlement on the water."


Coat of arms

The coat of arms depicts the " Beckstedter Sunstone " on a green surface on the sign foot and an otherwise blue background. On the sun stone is a pattern of eleven concentric circles. The coat of arms was designed according to the found in Beckstedt " Beckstedter Sun Stone ".




The St. Mary's Church in Colnrade is one of the tallest buildings in the area.

The hall church dates from the year 1857. Above the west wall of the Backsteinbaues rises a square tower with a beschieferten helmet. The longitudinal walls are divided by slender arched windows. The interior dates from the period of the Church.