Cologne Business School

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The Cologne Business School GmbH (CBS ) is a nationally recognized, private college of business administration in Cologne, which describes itself as a " business school ". The CBS offers English-and German -language business courses at the Bachelor and Master of Arts.


The CBS was established in 1993 and offered an English bachelor program, which was accredited in 1997 by the FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation ).

Accreditation and rankings

The courses have been accredited by the CBS FIBAA.

2011 CBS at the CHE ranking in the categories was: ' Overall student ' chosen ' studiability ', ' practical ' and ' international orientation ' in the top group in the ' reputation in teaching and learning ', there was the CBS also in the top group .. When university ranking for the year 2006 of the magazine Young career reached the Cologne Business School ranked 10th among the colleges of Economics.

Professors (selection)

  • Ralf bump ( b. 1971 ), lawyer
  • Klemens Skibicki (born 1972 ), an economic historian

Former professors (selection)

  • Matthias S. Fifka (* 1974), Economic and Social Scientists

Lecturers (Selection)

  • Bernward Malaka (born 1962 ), an Internet entrepreneur and media consultant
  • Frank Mill Beck ( born 1975 ), author and expert in Social Media Marketing

Board of Trustees

  • Christ's sword, Managing industry, economy, innovation and environmental, industrial and Cologne Chamber of Commerce
  • Klaus Laepple, President of the Federal Association of the German Tourism Industry ( BTW)
  • Wolfgang Luan, President of Chinese Association of Industry and Commerce Association
  • Carl Rudolf Miele, entrepreneurs
  • Walter Stephany, Managing Director Icon Institute GmbH
  • Claude Treyer, Academic Director of ISTEC
  • Günter Verheugen, EU Commissioner A.D.

Courses of Study

The CBS offers the following Bachelor and Master study programs, tuition fees amount to between € 4,170 and € 4,770 per semester (Bachelor) and € 4,470 and € 4,770 per semester ( Master); added in both cases, a one-time registration fee of € 450

  • Bachelor of Arts International Business (English )
  • International Culture and Management (English )
  • International Tourism Management (English )
  • International Media Management (English )
  • Business Psychology (English )
  • Business Psychology (Eng. )
  • General Management (English )
  • International Management (part-time, dt )
  • Master of Arts International Business
  • International Culture and Management
  • Sustainable Tourism Management
  • International Media and Entertainment Management
  • General Management