Colombia national basketball team

The Colombian national basketball team represents Colombia in the men's basketball internationals. As a host, she was a participant in the 1982 World Cup, in which they, however, in the final round did not win a match, reaching the final and seventh place. Otherwise, she could not yet qualify for continental or global finals.

  • 2.1 The Olympic Games
  • 2.2 World Championships
  • 2.3 America Championships
  • 2.4 Pan American Games
  • 2.5 South American Championships

World Cup participant in 1982

Other well-known players

  • Álvaro Teherán ( b. 1966 )
  • Juan Palacios (* 1985)

Performance in international competitions

Olympic games

Never qualified

World Championships

To 1982 - not qualified

Not qualified - since 1986

America Championships

Never qualified

Pan American Games

Not qualified - since 1975

South American Championships

Up to and including 1943 - not participated or qualified