Colombian peso

1 EUR = 2816.4 COP 1000 COP = 0.35506 EUR

1 CHF = 2,302 COP 1000 COP = 0.43441 CHF

The peso ( Spanish: Peso Colombiano ) is the currency of Colombia.


In the Vorunabhängigkeitszeit and also during the independence wars were a large number of coins of gold and silver in circulation. Gold coins were dominant, since gold was easily accessible as raw materials in the region. After independence in 1810/1819, the different means of payment have been recognized as a disadvantage, but until 1838 the Congress decided all the coins were even from the colonial period in circulation to collect. At the same time, the Tesorería ( Mint ) decided to replace the higher value coins banknotes, which led to the first major currency Issue Colombia. However, there was no uniform policy issue, so soon were different coins and banknote types in circulation again. The diversity was also due to the insufficient amount, increased by authorized domestic fremdländisches money. At the same time, the decimal system prevailed with the bill of piece and hundredths, finally established after 1872.

Inflationary tendencies appeared from 1886 through enhanced printing press, in 1907 the value of the peso was sunk so far that it corresponded to the centavo in previous years. As of 1918, the currency was stabilized, since is a rather valuable development observed.

The renewed inflation in the last decades of the 20th century led to an increase of digits before the decimal point. The centavo is the younger generations have largely unknown. As of 10 November 2003, the Colombian Peso ( COP) by the Unidad de Valor Real ( COU) is complemented. The inflation rate in 2012 still about 3%.

In 2007, the Colombian peso has very relaxed, despite purchase of foreign exchange by the state. The currency has been recovering since December 2006, when she was still at 2950 pesos to the U.S. dollar in 1912 per U.S. dollar.

  • From 8 August 1992, the 100 - peso coin was put into circulation ( Weight: 5.31 g Diameter: 23 mm, thickness: 1.55 mm ).
  • From 1 June 1994, the 200 - peso coin was put into circulation (7.08 g, 24.4 mm, 1.70 mm ). The design is based on the thickness of Castro.
  • From 26 December 1993, the 500 - peso coin was put into circulation ( 7.43 g, 23.5 mm, 2.0 mm).
  • From 12 November 1996, the 1000 - peso coin was put into circulation (7.30 g, 21.67 mm, 2.76 mm). This coin is no longer produced due to high volume forgery.


Since 1992, the banknotes are designed by Colombian artists here are based on improved security features of the notes and each one selected topic. The whole development from inception to emission takes an average of one year.

The following notes are currently in circulation (in brackets the personality on the certificate):