Colorado Adventure

Colorado Adventure

Colorado Adventure is a roller coaster at Phantasialand in Brühl. During construction, it was decided for a roller coaster in the Western style, not for an ajar to traditional construction roller coaster.

The web is categorized as mine roller coaster and viewed according to polls under rollercoaster fans as one of the world's best facilities of its kind. The full name is Colorado Adventure - The Michael Jackson Thrill Ride. The railway was opened for the season in April 1996 and baptized shortly afterwards on 11 May by the eponymous Michael Jackson.

Colorado Adventure has five trains, each with six cars for a total of 32 passengers. The first car is designed as a locomotive and offers in a row two seats. The other cars have three rows for a total of six people. The route is divided by the three lift Hills with friction drive, the final brakes and the station in five block sections, so that a maximum of four trains can be on the track at the same time. A train serves as a replacement. However, for particularly high-latency operation with five trains on the track by a further brake, which is located just before the final brakes, possible. However, it leads to waiting times at the final brakes, which is why this is very rarely the case.

The belonging to the railway souvenir shop was designed by Salvador style.

Shortly after the opening came parts of the rocky scenery by welding work outside the opening times on fire. The decoration was renewed and replaced again years later after the great fire of the adjacent mountain railway by fire-resistant materials and partially removed.

Since the residents complained of an increased noise pollution, some sections of the track had to be covered later. At the beginning was, apart from driving through tunnels, only the stretch after the second lift hill covered with a rocky cliff. Then the first part was provided with noise protection walls covered later.

As part of the construction work to Chiapas from 2012 to 2014 there were also modifications to the Colorado Adventure. In the field of indoor noise barriers theming elements have been added and next to the second lift hill, an artificial rock wall in the direction of Chiapas has been added. The first lift of Chiapas is located between the second and third lift of Colorado Adventure. The formerly held completely in brown plant was largely freshly painted for the 2014 season with a new color scheme, the rails in dark gray and the supports in dark green. Furthermore, the wood of the purely decorative sleepers was renewed. The revised passage into the topic Mexico was included that allows passing under the route after the last departure.