Colorado College

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The Colorado College ( CC) is a private educational institution at the foot of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Each year, about 1,900 students enroll for the four-year study a. The current president of the College Richard Celeste, former Governor of the State of Ohio and U.S. ambassador to India.


It was founded in 1874 by the Civil War veteran General William Jackson Palmer, on the foundation of today's Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad and the City of Colorado Springs, Colorado decline. The CC is a liberal arts college in New England tradition.

Known graduates

  • Earl Clark, U.S. American football player and coach
  • Lynne Cheney, wife of former Vice President of the United States 46
  • Mary Cheney, daughter of former Vice President of the United States 46
  • Lori Garver, deputy director of NASA
  • Diana DeGette, politician
  • James Heckman, Nobel Laureate in Economics 2000
  • Jack Hillen, hockey player
  • Tommy Lee, musician
  • Jane Lubchenco, a marine biologist
  • Tara Nott, first Olympic gold medalist in weightlifting in 2000
  • Ken Salazar, current Secretary of the Interior of the United States
  • Peter Sejna, Slovak ice hockey player
  • Aaron Shure, screenwriter and television producer
  • Richard H. Stallings, politicians
  • Brett Sterling, hockey player
  • Mark Stuart, hockey player
  • Brian Swanson, hockey player
  • Lee Sweatt, hockey player