German Games Award 2003: No. 9 Game of the Year 2003: shortlist à la carte Card Game Award 2003: 1st place International Gamers Award 2003: Nominated

Coloretto is a card game by Michael Schacht, which is published by Abacus Spiele 2003. It is for 3-5 players ( new edition 2-5 players ) suitable from 8 years and takes about 30 minutes. It served as a template for the board game Zooloretto which game of the year 2007.

Coloretto 2003 was on the list for Game of the Year, was awarded first place in the à la carte card game price and was ranked 9 in the elections to the German game prize.

Game equipment

  • 63 color cards ( 9 cards in 7 colors )
  • 10 " 2 " cards
  • 1 Map " last round "
  • 3 joker cards
  • 5 series cards
  • 5 Maps
  • Game rules

Game play

Players try to collect the same color cards over several rounds. In each round, a display formed from several rows of cards (one series per player ). Is it within a round on train, one has the choice to either pick a card and this to be applied to an arbitrary number, or a full ( ie from existing 3 cards ) to take rank in itself and thus get out of the round.