Combretum paniculatum

Fruits of Combretum paniculatum

Combretum paniculatum is a flowering plant in the genus of long filaments ( Combretum ) with wide distribution in Africa, west of Gambia east to Ethiopia and south to Angola. It grows in the countries of the Sudan zone usually along water courses.


Combretum paniculatum grows as a shrub or vine. In the dry season the numerous blossom, intense red flowers are the small ears of corn within a larger, branched paniculate inflorescence ( inflorescence ) - hence the English name burning bush.


There are two subspecies:

  • Combretum paniculatum ssp. paniculatum
  • Combretum paniculatum ssp. microphyllum ( Klotzsch ) Wickens, partly as a separate species ( Combretum microphyllum Klotzsch ) treated.


  • Bambara: dirinimblé
  • English: burning bush
  • Fulfulde: Bakuri
  • Malinke: kunundindolo
  • Wolof: kindindolo, kérindolo, krinédolo