Comiskey Park

  • Chicago White Sox (MLB ) ( 1910-1990 )
  • Chicago Cubs (MLB ) ( World Series 1918)
  • Chicago Cardinals (NFL ) ( 1922-1925, 1929-1959 )
  • Card -Pitt (NFL ) ( 1944)
  • Chicago Bulls (AFL ) ( 1926)
  • Chicago American Giants ( Negro Leagues ) ( 1941-1952 )
  • Chicago Mustangs ( NASL ) ( 1967-1968 )
  • Chicago Sting ( NASL ) ( 1980-1985 )

The Comiskey Park was a baseball stadium in the south of the city of Chicago, Illinois. It was the home of the Chicago White Sox.


The stadium Charles Comiskey had built in 1910. It was four times the venue of the World Series and over 6,000 times the venue of a Major League Baseball game. The heavyweight champion Jim Braddock fight between Joe Louis and took place in 1937 in Comiskey Park.

1991 a new Comiskey Park was opened ( on the same street ), which has been renamed U.S. Cellular Field in 2003.

The Comiskey Park was built on an old landfill, the Charles Comiskey had purchased in 1909 to replace the old South Side Park. The stadium, which initially was called White Sox Stadium, was very modern for its time. It was only the fourth stadium in the MLB, which was built of reinforced concrete, and had a capacity of 29,000 spectators, which at that time meant the record in the MLB. Therefore, the park was named after a short time as The Baseball Palace of the World.

The first game in the new stadium the White Sox lost 0-2 against the St. Louis Browns. In 1917 the World Series was first held in Comiskey Park. The White Sox were on home soil to win three games and beat the New York Giants a total of 4-2. Next year, the World Series was held in Comiskey Park, but this time the Chicago Cubs were the home team, as the Wrigley Field did not offer enough space. The Cubs lost the World Series with 2:4 against the Boston Red Sox and won only one game in Chicago. 1919 was followed by the famous Black Sox World Series, the White Sox with intent against the Cincinnati Reds lost because some players had been bribed.

In 1933, then looked again, the whole baseball world to Chicago, where in Comiskey Park, the first MLB All- Star Game was held. This the American League defeated the National League.

Forty years after the Black Sox scandal took place in 1959, the last World Series at Comiskey Park, the White Sox lost 2:4 against the Los Angeles Dodgers. They were able to win only one of three games in Chicago. 1983 was the All-Star Game for the fiftieth anniversary again in Comiskey Park instead and could this time be won by the American League.

In the 1980s, had the owner of the White Sox, Jerry Reinsdorf to relocate to several demands and threats the franchise to Saint Petersburg, received 200 million U.S. dollars to build a new stadium can. U.S. Cellular Field should therefore replace the Comiskey Park as the home of the White Sox. Therefore, the stadium was stormed and taken apart after a game against the Detroit Tigers of fans. Later, the entire stadium was torn down, and on the surface parking spaces were created for the new stadium.

Usage outside of baseball

Initially the stadium was also used a lot for hosting American football games. First, the Chicago Bulls took advantage of the stadium in the only season of the American Football League for their home games. Later moved to the Chicago Cardinals of the first and only NFL club the stadium. After interim relocation to the Normal Park the franchise in 1929 returned to the Comiskey Park. 1944 was a brief merger with the Pittsburgh Steelers to Card -Pitt. This team remained in the stadium the Cardinals and disbanded after one year. Three years later found with the NFL Championship Game, the most important ever disputed in Comiskey Park football game instead. Twelve years after this great success, left the Chicago Cardinals and therefore also the Comiskey Park in the direction of St. Louis.

In the 1980s and in 1968 the Comiskey Park was even used as a football stadium. The Chicago Mustangs, a team of the United Soccer Association, wore back then, because they belonged to the White Sox owner Arthur Allyn, Jr., played their home games there. After one season, the league merged with the NPSL for NASL and there could no longer keep up the Mustangs and have therefore become a semi- professional team. Therefore, they no longer played from now on also in Comiskey Park. The football returned in 1980 then back to the park. The Chicago Sting played five years in Comiskey Park and were able to recover in time two championships. In 1985, the franchise moved to and called from now on the Wrigley Field his home.