Comitancillo on the map of Guatemala

Comitancillo is a place and a municipality in the department of San Marcos in Guatemala. The town is located approximately 300 km north- west of Guatemala City and just 30 km north of the capital Departaments - San Marcos in the highlands of the Sierra Madre to 2,280 meters above sea level.

Comitancillo is accessible from the Departamentshauptstadt San Marcos from a highway, a few kilometers from the branches to the La Grandeza a side road in an easterly direction to San Lorenzo and from there to the north leads to Comitancillo. From Route 1, which connects Quetzaltenango with San Marcos, there is a shorter direct route to San Lorenzo and on to Comitancillo, which is yet to be completely paved.

In the 113 km ² large municipality Comitancillo around 60,000 people live, of which the vast majority in small rural settlements. Subsistence farming is the norm. Besides the main town, there is the municipality from the rural communities ( Aldeas ) Chamaque, Chipel, Chixal, El Porvenir, Piedra de Fuego, Rio Hondo, Sabalique, San Isidro, San Luis, Santa Teresa, Taltimiche, Tuichilupe, Tuilelen, Tuimuj and Tuixoquel with a total around 60 hamlets. The Mayan ruins Chipel reminiscent of the cultural heritage of living here Mam.

Adjacent Municipalities are San Miguel Ixtahuacán in the north, Sipacapa in the northeast, Cabricán ( Department of Quetzaltenango ) and Río Blanco to the east, San Lorenzo in the south, San Marcos in the southwest and Tejutla in the west and northwest.