Comité International Spécial des Perturbations Radioélectriques

CISPR is the Comité international spécial of perturbations radioélectriques ( official translation: International Special Committee on Radio Interference ). Its members come in part from the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and other stakeholders. It was founded in 1934.

Specialist groups

The CISPR consists of six active sub-groups that deal with the following topics:

  • A - radiation measurements and statistical methods
  • B - Faults concerning industrial, scientific and medical equipment, power systems, high voltage equipment and transport
  • D - disturbances in motor-driven ( electric and combustion engines) vehicles
  • F - interference in domestic appliances and lighting systems
  • H - Limits for the protection of radio stations
  • I - Electromagnetic compatibility of information technology equipment (eg computers ), Multimedia / hi-fi equipment and radio receivers

The CISPR publications deal with normalized noise measurement methods for electromagnetic interference. They stipulate, for example, cable lengths, device configurations and grounding and shielding measures for disturbance measurements, including that the results remain comparable and reproducible. At the same time received on immunity to external interference. Companies can so from their component suppliers simply request conformity to a corresponding CISPR standard, rather than having to make all the measurements themselves ( and having to develop its own standard ).


So far, over 30 CISPR-S tandards were published. Some of the best known:

  • CISPR 10 - Organization, Rules and Procedures of the CISPR. (1971)
  • CISPR 11 - Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM ) Radio Frequency Equipment - Electromagnetic Disturbance Characteristics - Limits and Methods of Measurement.
  • CISPR 13 - Sound and television broadcast receivers and associated equipment - Radio disturbance characteristics - Limits and methods of measurement
  • CISPR 14 - Electromagnetic Compatibility - Requirements for Household Appliance, Electric Tools, and Similar Apparatus: 1) emission, 2) Immunity.
  • CISPR 16 - Specification for radio disturbance and immunity measuring apparatus and methods
  • CISPR 20 - Sound and television broadcast receivers and associated equipment - Immunity characteristics - Limits and methods of measurement
  • CISPR 22 - Information Technology Equipment - Radio Disturbance Characteristics - Limits and Methods of Measurement.

Currently, work is under way that are no longer separable in IT and Sound and Television Equipment in the CISPR 32 - Electromagnetic compatibility ( EMC ) - Multimedia equipment - merge Limits and methods of measurement and the CISPR 13 and 22 terminate in the long run - Radio disturbance characteristics.

Corresponding standards

The CISPR standards are largely incorporated into European standards and translated European languages. Similar applies for the standards of the United States. The standard Part is included in ANSI C63 and the product standard part in CFR47 ( Code of Federal Regulations ) by the FCC.

DIN VDE 0879-1 (CISPR 12) / 0879-2 (CISPR 25)