Commander in Chief (TV series)

Welcome, Mrs. President is the German title of the American television series Commander in Chief of the ABC television network. The series takes place during the fictional presidency of the first President Mackenzie Allen ( Geena Davis) and represents the everyday life of the President, their families and their Advisors dar. inventor of the set again after just one season series is Rod Lurie.



The nonpartisan U.S. Vice President Mackenzie Allen took office only for one reason: presidential candidate Teddy Bridges needed them as vote-getter for the class of voters left - middle - female. Now that he has moved with her to the White House, most of it is fobbed off with representative missions abroad.

But then the president suffers a stroke, surprisingly, by an aneurysm and is first incapacitation. Vice President Allen is hastily summoned from a state visit to Paris. The President shall close to her, in favor of Nathan Templeton, chairman of the House of Representatives to resign so that he can follow Bridges in the case of the resignation or death. Allen explained at first grudgingly willing only to find in a private conversation with Templeton that this represents an intolerable for her position in terms of women and Muslims.

As Bridges actually dies, Allen refuses to leave the office and it is entitled shall be the first woman from the oath of office of the President. Soon begin the hostilities from all sides. Templeton plans from the background already Allen's case, and also from their own family will blow the new president against a sharp wind: her eldest daughter Rebecca disapproves of her mother's decision to run the office, while Allen's husband and chief of staff Rod Calloway suddenly in the role the First Lady or the "First gentleman" finds - which absolutely does not suit him.


Commander in Chief was launched in the U.S. with very competitive odds and has now been traded even as the best new series of the season. Problems behind the scenes (multiple replacement of Executive Producer - first Rod Lurie, then Steven Bochco, last Dee Johnson) - forced ABC but in the end to for a few weeks to take the series several times from the program and change the air dates.

The series was broadcast in Germany on the private channel Sat.1, initially on Tuesdays at 22:15 clock, but later on Tuesdays at 23:15 clock, because the audience only recently attracted. The German title Welcome, Mrs. President is incorrect in so far as the proper salutation Madam President is; this is also used in the German dubbed version.

Awards (excerpt)

Golden Globe Award:

  • 2006: Won for Best Television Actress - Drama for Geena Davis
  • 2006: Nomination as Best Supporting Actor - Series, Mini - Series or TV Movie for Donald Sutherland
  • 2006: Nomination as Best Series - Drama

Emmy Awards:

  • 2006: nominated for Best Television Actress - Drama for Geena Davis

DVD Release

On June 7, 2007 Welcome, Mrs. President has appeared on DVD in Germany. The box contains five DVDs the entire season. This differs from the U.S. version, which was released in two separate boxes.