CommuniGate Pro

CommuniGate Pro is a proprietary groupware, which is also available in a limited number of clients in the shareware version.

The company CommuniGate Systems was founded in 1991 with the aim to develop a versatile and scalable solution for communication over the Internet. The headquarters is located in Mill Valley, California, has more than 12,000 customers worldwide, with more than 130 million consumers use the products.


The CommuniGate Pro software support about 30 platforms, including more exotic platforms. In this case, inter alia, following features and services supported:

  • Mail Transfer (SMTP, LMTP, mailing lists )
  • Signaling (SIP, XMPP, Simple Notification)
  • Data access (IMAP, MAPI, POP3 and RPOP, FTP and TFTP, ACAP, webmail, ActiveSync AirSync )
  • Groupware (calendar and tasks, contacts)
  • Services (HTTP, LDAP, SNMP, RADIUS, CalDAV, SSL)
  • Communications (VoIP, instant messaging, voicemail)
  • U.v.m.

E -mail clients

The CommuniGate Pro Server supports a variety of popular e -mail clients, including Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc. Support for Microsoft Outlook is realized via a free MAPI driver.

Access via a webmail client is also possible, this can be customized by different skins to the respective needs. As a " highlight " the Flash-based mail client Pronto! be considered, whose design is oriented very to Microsoft Outlook.

Updates and backups

Uploading new versions with a simple " In installing " the new version, while the account data and settings are not overwritten. The server must be restarted to only after successful installation.

The create backups is possible during the operation. For this purpose, the complete installation folder is copied.