Community (disambiguation)

Community (English for Community, community, biological species community, kinship, clan or public) called:

  • Community (Wales ), an administrative unit in Wales
  • Community ( TV series), American sitcom (since 2009)
  • Community - The horror comes in your neighborhood, British horror film of the year 2012
  • Community, a group of people with common interests or sense of togetherness

As a short form of various groups of this kind:

  • Online community, an online platform for communication
  • Scientific community ( academic community ), all of the countries participating in the academic life scientists

In NRHP -listed objects:

  • Community Center, in Austin, Texas, ID no. 85002267
  • Community Center # 1 in Jonesboro, Arkansas, ID no. 07001422
  • Community Center and War Memorial Building in Everett, Washington, ID. 79002554
  • Community Chapel of Melbourne Beach, Melbourne Beach, Florida, ID no. 92000505
  • Community Church of Gonzales, Gonzales, CA, ID no. 83001210
  • Community Hospital, in Newark, NJ, ID no. 04000224
  • Community House, First Congregational Church, in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, ID no. 74000085
  • Community Memorial Hospital in Ayer, Massachusetts, ID no. 04000423
  • Community of St. John Baptist in Mendham, New Jersey, ID no. 07000356
  • Community Place, in Skaneateles, New York, ID no. 79001611
  • Community Rosenwald School in Grand Cane, Louisiana, ID no. 09000545
  • Community Theater in Newburg, Missouri, ID no. 06001134

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