Commuter Cars Tango

Tango is a product manufactured by Commuter Cars two-seat electric car. The two seats are arranged in series, so that the vehicle is very narrow (99 cm). The car was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2010, yet few pieces of the Tango T600 were produced only one of them for George Clooney.

The design is more similar to that of micro cars, but the performance of the vehicle which are powerful sports car standards, including the Tango accelerates in less than 4 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h The car weighs 1575 kilos including the batteries. Additional safety features include a roll cage such as is used in motorsport. Since it is not mass produced, the electric car will cost $ 108,000.

According to the manufacturer, a battery charge lasts 3 hours and 80 percent can be charged in about 10 minutes. The range lies 65-320 km depending on driving style.

Right now is a simpler version of the Tango T600, T200 are the, which then produces in planning in large-scale and, consequently, should be cheaper.