Compact MPV

A compact MPV is a wide-body car with smaller dimensions than those previously in the German language known by the English name Van passenger cars.

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Main features of this vehicle class are a raised seating position connected to a vehicle height of 150 cm to 170 cm and the variability ( variability) of the passenger compartment. The second row of seats is in most cases from three individual seats that folded, can be tilted and completely removed and then share a load space to that of a van (English: " van " ) corresponds. The individual seats have of course compared to the classical seat the disadvantage that the seating position is preset, move the outboard seats closer to the front window and there can be little elbow latitude, while the middle seat is narrow and uncomfortable. Therefore, you can remove the middle seat and put the outer seats inwards and anchor it there on most models. For the same reason was the concept of the Fiat Multipla and Honda FR-V with three seats in the 1st row and three in the second little success. The center seat can be used with backrest folded down as a shelf or table game and for some models, the seats of the first row can rotate 180 degrees, so you can sit across during breaks such as in a train compartment.


Seven-seater based on a compact-class vehicle

The vehicle lengths range up to 4.60 meters and can accommodate a third row of seats that can be converted into a large luggage space, by expanding it, flips or sunk. Models in which the third row in the vehicle can be lowered, are in vogue because the Removal of up to 22 kg seats is usually tedious and it must be found outside the vehicle a repository. The sixth and seventh seat, however, is suitable for adults only for short journeys.

Current Models

Citroën C4 Picasso C4/Grand

Dacia Lodgy

Dacia Logan MCV

C-MAX/Grand Ford C -MAX

Kia Carens


Opel Zafira

Peugeot 5008

Renault Scénic / Grand Scénic

Toyota Prius

Toyota Verso

VW Touran


They correspond to compact or midsize car with a raised sitting position, but a maximum of five seats and extra luggage space

Current Models

Citroën C4 Picasso

Ford C -MAX

Mercedes -Benz B-Class

Opel Meriva

Peugeot 3008

Renault Scénic

Seat Altea XL

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