Comparison of photo gallery software

As a web gallery is generally described as a presentation of images on the Internet, which is realized by the use of a specially-designed for this purpose software.

For this purpose, usually a belonging together collection of scripts is used which is used to manage the images as well as their preparation and appealing presentation on Web pages. The use of such software usually requires no or very little knowledge of scripting or markup languages ​​such as PHP or HTML.

Gallery Scripts

Gallery scripts are very basic web galleries that represent only the image files from a specific directory automatically on a website. To add more images, it is usually only necessary to store more images in the appropriate directory so that they are recorded and displayed in the collection. This type of web gallery is limited in its functions to the absolute minimum. The advantage lies in the consumption of resources and especially the fact that most no database is required.


Complete systems include a series of coordinated scripts that go beyond the mere representation of images. Typically these include the automated creation of thumbnail images (often called thumbnails ), various possibilities for the classification of images into categories, subcategories, public or private albums and a user management.

Complete solutions also offer the most comprehensive administration possibilities and are extendable by modules and add- ons. The optical design is of available templates very easy to adapt in most major web gallery by choosing your own needs. The integration into existing websites is usually possible.

The advantages of such a system lie in its functional diversity and ease of use. In order to use such systems, one normally does not require any programming skills. The disadvantages are the higher resource consumption. Even with most web galleries of this kind the connection to a database is required.

Complete systems are used often are available in different languages. There are different licensing models for such web galleries, both proprietary, commercial, as well as free software.

Web gallery software ( selection)

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