Compartment (heraldry)

As pedestal is called in heraldry an ornamental or nature replicated basic element on which the coat of arms rests and are also the plate holder.

It is one of the superb pieces, but not directly in the blazon ( coat of arms description) explains extensively. The pedestal or console, as it is also known, undergoes only a small mention, when it comes to the state of the plate holder.

Often these state documents are adorned with climbing plants or the loop with the coat of arms motto is draped voluminous. In coat of arms also the representation of lawn (Coat of Arms of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) or other stand areas is possible. The grass is green tinged and was unknown in the older heraldry. He has taken over the function of the three mountain especially in blazon. Even the loop for FX is selected. It is only important that the shield -bearing figures do not stand anywhere in the room. With large full German coat of arms is not one of the crests coat, but the coat of arms tent to do so.

Foreign coat of arms are similar to the German model, if the history of heraldry is due to the same roots. Otherwise, large deviations are to be expected.

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