Compass Group


  • Sir Roy Gardner, Chairman
  • Richard Cousins ​​, CEO

Compass Group is a publicly traded catering and facility management company based in Chertsey / United Kingdom. The Group is one of the largest catering provider in the world. It offers catering services for many institutions, such as schools, hospitals and private companies.

The company was founded in 1987 when the management bought out the catering department of Grand Metropolitan (now Diageo ) and renamed in Compass. In 2003 the company took over the Millie 's Cookies chain. Currently employs around 428,000 Compass Group employees worldwide ( 2010).

The German Compass Group employs claims to 19,000 people with a turnover of 664 million euros in fiscal 2009 /2010. It has its headquarters in Eschborn near Frankfurt in FreibergEast.

Corporate brands

At Compass Group owns the following brands and businesses: Bon Appétit, Café Dallucci, Chartwells, Create Host Services, Crothall, Eurest, Eurest Support Services ( ESS), Eurest Sports & Food, Everson Hewett, FLIK, Harry Ramsden's, Top Service Gastronomie GmbH, Keith Prowse, Leith 's Levy restaurants, Medicare rest, Milburn, Morrison, Moto Hospitality, Patina Group, Pumpkin, Restaurant Associates, Scola rest, Tastte! , Wolfgang Puck.