Competitors for the Crown of Scotland

This article lists the contenders for the throne of Scotland, which collected 1290 claim to the throne of the Kingdom of Scotland in the year. The emerging as arbitrators English King Edward I set up a commission, which decided in favor of John Balliol.


After the sudden death of Alexander III. in 1286 there was no male heir in the Kingdom of Scotland. The throne should therefore Margaret, climb the three year-old granddaughter of the late king. By Margaret was crowned in Scotland, led six Guardians government affairs and agreed in the Treaty of Salisbury on November 6, 1289 that Margaret should arrive in Scotland until November 1, 1290. In addition, the Treaty of Northampton was signed with the English King Edward I, who agreed the marriage of Margaret and his son Edward. But they never reached Scotland, because she died on September 26, 1290 during the crossing to Orkney.

The competitors

By the end of September 1290, there was no direct heir to the throne. However, there have been numerous distant relatives who could theoretically make a claim. Overall, there were 13 contenders for the throne of Scotland:


Since the applicants were unable to agree which law should determine the successor to the Scottish throne, the Guardians, the English King Edward I. decided to appoint arbitrators. Soon, the different perspectives on the role of Edward I were clear. While the Scots, led by the Guardians, saw him more as a neutral referee, Edward tried by this role extend its influence in Scotland. After a test phase in which several candidates already resigned from their claim, only a few were left at the end. On August 3, 1291, a panel of 104 people in Berwick -upon- Tweed took on the job. 24 people were named Edward, each 40 by Robert Bruce and John Balliol.

On November 17, 1292, the Panel John Balliol as the new king of Scotland certain. However, this was discontinued four years later. 1306 was followed by Robert the Bruce to the throne, the grandson of Robert Bruce, 5th Lord of Annandale.