Composite Gazetteer of Antarctica

The Composite Gazetteer of Antarctica (English, abbreviated CGA, dt " pooled Gazetteer of Antarctica ") of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research ( SCAR ) is a binding international directory of all the Antarctic corresponding geographical names which are published in national gazetteers. In addition, it contains the undersea objects south of 60 ° south of the relevant parts of the gazetteer under the auspices of the International Hydrographic Organization ( IHO ) Width standing organization General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans ( GEBCO ).

As of February 2013, the CGA contains 36,997 geographical names for 18 998 objects, including about 500 objects with two or more completely different names, compiled from the following sources:

List of Institutions for Antarctic place names

National / official authority or institution:

  • Argentina: Instituto Geográfico Militar del Servicio de Sección Toponimia Hidrografía Naval de la Armada Argentina and Instituto Argentino Antártico
  • Australia: Australian Antarctic Names and Medals Committee
  • Bulgaria: Commission on Antarctic Geographic Names
  • Chile: Instituto Hidrografíco y Oceanographic de la Armada de Chile ( SHOA ) and Instituto Geográfico Militar (IGM)
  • China: Chinese Place -names Committee
  • Germany: Standing Committee on Geographical Names
  • France: Commission de toponymy of TAAF, Institute Géographique National
  • UK: British Antarctic Survey UK Antarctic Place -Names Committee
  • Italy: Comitato per i nomi geografici antartici
  • Japan: Antarctic Place -names Committee of Japan
  • Canada: Geographical Names Board of Canada
  • New Zealand: Antarctic Place -names Committee of New Zealand
  • Norway: Antarctic Place -names Committee of Norway, Norsk Polarinstitutt
  • Poland: Committee of Polar Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Russia: Russian Interministerial Commission on Geographical Names
  • Uruguay: Uruguayan Instituto Antártico
  • USA: United States Board on Geographic Names

Other international institutions concerned with Antarctic place names:

  • GEBCO: GEBCO Sub - Committee on Undersea Feature Names