Computational visualistics

Computational is a course of study that is offered at the Universities of Magdeburg and Koblenz -Landau and at the Hamm-Lippstadt University. It was first established in 1996 at the University of Magdeburg to relevant initiative of Thomas Strothotte.


The course is interdisciplinary computational. His focus is on the creation and evaluation of computer-aided graphics and images as well as their integration into complex applications. In addition to the computer science subjects are also branches of psychology, medicine, design, architecture and material sciences part of the study.

Bachelor's degree

The aim of the bachelor's program in the study course Computational is to provide a sound, scientific base of knowledge in the image-related aspects of computer science, and the scientific penetration and at the same labor market and vocational preparation in the applications of Computational and depression in selected topics of Computational and its application subjects to achieve.

Master's degree

The specific objectives of the Master program in Computational include the possibility of computer science, computational deepen in the columns of the Bachelor program ( in the narrow sense, ie, image analysis, computer graphics, ... ), General visualistics and application specialist, at least one focus of the computer science field to select is. The courses are related to research, have a high proportion of self-study and are therefore especially geared to prepare students for the Master's thesis and on an activity with high autonomy.


  • Otto -von- Guericke- University of Magdeburg
  • University of Koblenz -Landau
  • Hamm-Lippstadt University

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