Computer DJ

A DJ program is a music software that mimics that of a disc jockey usually performed on turntables or CD players and a mixer mixing on a PC virtually. Graphical user interface and functionality of the software are based mostly on the live character of mixing. Rather than records or CDs MP3 files are audio files, frequently used. In general, the programs have a visual interface with two ( or more) symbolized playback decks and various controllers. Some programs also have a wide range of sampling options and the integration of various effects, which the possibilities for the DJ be greatly expanded.

Control by external hardware

Some programs offer the option of turntable or CD player to connect to the PC, on which a special record or CD is placed with so-called timecode. This allows the audio file as an original sound recordings are treated. By connecting external audio interfaces, the music can be mixed with conventional mixers. The program then acts as the sole music source input, the mixer as output. By synchronizing up to four virtual decks can be assigned to four channels on the mixer. Some programs offer the possibility to connect external MIDI controller to the PC. These include so-called jog wheels, buttons, sliders, displays and LEDs, so that the program can control DJ - justice, which is hardly possible with keyboard and mouse. Keys, controls and displays can be depending on the DJ software by individual mappings any function of the DJ - assign program. Many current DJ controllers already contain an audio interface, so PC / laptop and DJ Controller already form a complete DJ set.

Organization of music files

Sometimes the software is connected to a database file browser that can be created and managed in the playlists. In addition, some programs provide the ability to import externally-created playlists, for example through the integration of library and playlists from iTunes.

List of known DJ programs

Comparison of basic functions


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