Computer Gaming World

Computer Gaming World was a U.S. print magazine for computer games.


Focus of the Computer Gaming World had information transfer, reviews and articles on the subject of computer games, with a focus on DOS and Windows games. Other platforms have also been considered, especially in the early years with the home computers, but did not form a focus. Treatment of console games, especially from the mid- 1990s, has been covered by sister publications within the publishing, such as the Electronic Gaming Monthly. The magazine awarded long time no rating until finally a five-star system was introduced with half steps in 1994, which was maintained until April 2006.

The also sold in Canada publication first appeared in November 1981 in the publishing Golden Empire Publishing, Editor in Chief Russell was Sipe. Appeared the first issue every two months, this was only in 1986 increased to nine issues per year, from 1988, the book was then published monthly. In 1988, the magazine won the Origins Award for Best Professional Adventure Gaming Magazine in 1987. The stitching scope significantly in the early 1990s grew, in November 1992, finally appeared the 100th Issue. Also in 1992 Johnny Wilson 's successor by Russell Sipe, which, however, get a publisher until 1995 remained the magazine. Sipe 1993 sold the magazine to the U.S. media company Ziff Davis. 1999 Wilson left the editorial, his successor until 2002 was George Jones. This was eventually replaced by Jeff Green, who managed the the sheet up to his recruitment in November 2006.

According to Media Distribution Services the reach of the magazine in 2003 was about 300,000 copies and just behind the competition Magazine PC Gamer (U.S.) by Future Publishing. In August 2006 Publisher mother Ziff Davis announced a partnership with Microsoft. The deal included the acquisition of the official magazine Games for Windows. In the course of the Computer Gaming World was adjusted in order to avoid competition from their own home, and transferred the editors of the new publication. The online activities were bundled on to Ziff Davis also belonging platform 1UP. In November 2006, Issue 268 appeared with the last issue of Computer Gaming World. The Games for Windows stayed in the print edition until April 2008 until it was also adjusted and incorporated as an online publication in 1UP.