Computer scientist

Computer scientists working in the field of computer science. They research and develop or contact the computer science on this, especially in information technology.

The pioneers of computer science and embossed shape the computer science, which is the basis of the information technology (IT). Some computer scientists investigate problems exclusively theoretical science in computer science whose solutions are, however, often implemented by other computer scientists in information technology, mostly in the form of software.

  • 3.1 Vocational education and training
  • 3.2 Higher Vocational Education


By completing a computer science degree at university academic degrees such as Diploma, Bachelor or Master can be purchased. The study of computer science today is the basis for scientific research, but also for many tasks in the application.

In information technology (IT ) can be purchased at vocational colleges, vocational schools and colleges - the final Certified computer or in some vocational academies, the state-recognized degree diploma (BA ) or Bachelor, but this is not an academic degree. Among the IT professions, there are several recognized training occupations, such as IT specialists.


In Austria you need a computer science degree, the completion of a college of engineering (HTL) or the completion of an apprenticeship as an information technologist.


The final examination is conducted by the local Chamber of Commerce. Prerequisite for registration is an existing apprenticeship, a certificate of completion of vocational school and a proof of the deposited examination fee. An extraordinary admission to the apprenticeship examination (eg in second-chance education or teaching space loss ) is possible.

The final exam consists of a theoretical part and a practical part. If the last class of the vocational school has not been completed successfully, in addition to testing even the written part of the final examination must be passed.


Vocational education and training

In Switzerland, known as a specialist in Germany occupations also carry the designation computer scientists, computer scientists more accurately EFZ. So you wear after completion of training in Switzerland the example of the Department of Systems Engineering entitled " Computer EFZ specializing in systems engineering" (see Switzerland in Article specialist ).

Higher vocational education

Outside of higher education, there are the following skills and qualifications:

  • Higher College: dipl. Business data HF
  • Dipl. RF engineer computer science
  • Professional examination: Computer with Federal. Fachausweis
  • ICT application developers with Federal. Fachausweis
  • ICT system and network technicians with federal. Fachausweis
  • Business data with Federal. Fachausweis
  • Computer with Federal. diploma

Worth mentioning

The profession is a classic men's domain. 2010 the proportion of women in training and professional practice in the three German-speaking countries, not more than 28%.