Computer Zeitung

The computer magazine, founded in 1970 on the first CeBIT, was the first German computer magazine.

It was published by Conradin the publisher Robert Kohl hammer in Leinfelden, chief editor was last Rainer Huttenloher.

The computer magazine published weekly on Monday in the Berlin newspaper format. She had a circulation of about 59,800 pieces ( print circulation 60,000 ), of which alone approximately 24,000 copies eV were sent to the members of the society for computer science. The magazine was produced in newspaper printing process. In Q1 2009, 22,000 copies were sold.

According to a communication from the President of the Society for computer science to their members of Conradin publisher has discontinued the production of the computer magazine July 27, 2009.

The computer newspaper was continued until October 2009 in an online version. For the 17th October, this has been set. The URL has since been diverted to the appearance of appearing in the same journal publishing image of science.