Comrat (Romanian ) Komrat ( gag. ) Комрат ( in Russian)

Comrat ( Gagauz Komrat; Russian Комрат / Komrat ) is the capital of the autonomous region of Gagauzia. It is located on Jalpuch and is inhabited by the Gagauz people. The population is 23,500 (Source: ¹; 2005 estimate ). In the city, there is a public university Comrat.

Population figures


The settlement was founded in 1789. In 1957 her town rights. At the times of the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic functioned in Comrat Butte storage companies, wine works and a carpet factory, the carpets produced with Moldovan National ornament. 1994 Comrat capital of the autonomous region of Gagauzia.

The population is now about 70% of Gagauz, along with many Russians, Moldovans and Bulgarians living in the city.


There are some great wine / and canning plants in Comrat and its surroundings.


  • Cathedral built in 1820
  • History Museum
  • In the suburb Beşalma: Museum of the Gagauz culture

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Peter Draganov (1857-1928), Russian philologist and historian
  • Re'uven Shari (1903-1989), Israeli politician
  • Valentin Mednek (1910-2008), Soviet- Moldavian architect
  • Sorana Gurian (1913-1956), Romanian - French writer