Cona County

Cona ( Tib: mtsho sna rdzong, Tibetan: མཚོ་སྣ་རྫོང་, also: Tshona Dzong ) is a county in the district of Shannan the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China. It has an area of 34 979 square kilometers and according to the 1990 census, 13,935 inhabitants, of which 13,254 Tibetans and 127 Han Chinese; the rest of the population belongs mainly to the people of Monba.

Parts of the circle Cona are de facto controlled by the Government of India and counted there to the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The Chinese government claimed still quite Cona as part of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Tsangyang Gyatsho, the VI. Dalai Lama, comes from the large village Dawang, which lies in the Indian -controlled part of the circle.

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, the circuit is composed of a large municipalities and nine municipalities ( four municipalities of the Nationality Monba ) together. These are (official spelling / Chinese):

  • Greater community Cona错 那 镇
  • Community Kêqu库 局 乡
  • Community Quchomo曲 卓 木 乡
  • Community Lampug浪 坡乡
  • Community Jorra觉 拉 乡
  • Community Kardag卡达 乡
  • Community Lai of Monba勒 门巴族 乡
  • Community Gomri the Monba贡 日 门巴族 乡
  • Community Gyiba the Monba吉巴 门巴族 乡
  • Community Narmang the Monba麻 玛 门巴族 乡

Ethnic structure of the population Conas (2000)

At the census in the year 2000 15.277 inhabitants were counted in Cona.