Concept (disambiguation)

Concept ( concipere of latin, grasp ') referred to in everyday German a rough, non-executed plan to the last detail. It can be a metamodel or a preliminary design, indicative of a parent or a preliminary view on a detailed plan to be executed later.

In a broader sense is concept

  • As a collection of guidelines or principles or
  • As sketches of a project

Understood. In writing concept papers lay the procedure for certain projects binding dar.

Concept as a plan

A concept is a rough plan, which lists or describes the measures taken to achieve an objective,

  • Both sketchy in the draft
  • And binding in the choice of means

Be noted is the frequent word used in public speeches.

Concept as a pooling of properties

A concept can describe a set of objects by naming each equal distinct properties or relations. In philosophical or linguistic contexts the word concept is used synonymously to term. Compared to the Anglo-Saxon use of the word concept the meaning of the German concept in the semiotic triangle is closer to the idea ( mental ). It is still unclear whether concept is used synonymously with the word term in everyday language. It is also unclear whether the Anglo-Saxon use of concept generally recorded with the given in everyday language, naive versions of the connotations.


  • Living organisms, the characteristics of the flying and the eggs get those legends reproduction, are birds. The concept bird can not include the penguin accordingly. In everyday language, not the specialized knowledge of ornithology is introduced.
  • The concept of marriage is a partnership between husband and wife. The same-sex partnership is therefore no marriage. However, independently of this, the legal opinion of specialists of the public right turn at the Federal Constitutional Court with its concept of marriage according to the Basic Law otherwise.