Concord (grape)

Concord is a red grape variety. It is a wild vine Vitis labrusca and the mutation is used in the United States intensively both as a table grape and vine for the production of wine. Concord was developed in 1849 by Ephraim Wales Bull in the town of Concord (Massachusetts ). Out of more than 20,000 seedlings he selected the most suitable plants for him. In 1853 Bull won a contest the Boston Horticultural Society Exhibition. The variety has been marketed since 1854 due to the success.

Thomas Welch in 1869 developed the first grape juice from the grape Concord by durable made ​​the juice through pasteurization and protected them from a spontaneous fermentation. Welch offered to the juice and the church, which as a non- alcoholic alternative during the Eucharist was pleased to accept the product.

An important product of Concord is a grape jelly.

In the United States alone, each year 400,000 tons of grapes of Concord are harvested. This is equivalent to nearly 8 percent of the total grape production in the country. Main producers are the states of Washington (→ Viticulture in Washington) and New York ( → Viticulture in New York), so northern regions.

Next another important growing areas are Canada, Brazil and earlier, after the phylloxera disaster, even Europe. In the EU it is only in exceptional cases, for example in Uhudler, approved and may hardly be marketed commercially. Therefore, it has almost disappeared in Western Europe. Only in Eastern Europe, in Moldova, it still plays a role.

The vine is vigorous and bring high returns. It prefers sandy soils. The resistance to powdery and downy mildew and winter frosts is high. It has hermaphrodite flowers and is thus self- fruiting. When the wine-growing economic disadvantage is avoided, no return delivered to have male plants grow.

The wines have a bright ruby red color, are astringent and have a dominant artificial-looking strawberry flavor, the typical Fuchston.

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