Conectiva was a company and the same Linux distribution. Following a merger with the French company Mandrake 2005, the new Community company Mandriva was called.


Conectiva was founded on August 28, 1995 by Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo. It has its headquarters in Curitiba, Paraná ( Brazil). Other offices are located in Manaus and São Paulo. Currently the company has about 60 employees.

In financial year 2004, the company generated revenues in the amount of 1.7 million euros, reaching during the second half of the year according to information the break. Initiated and financed the better known of Conectiva software projects include the adaptation of APT for the use of RPM packages as well as the Smart Package Manager. The Linux distribution is based on Red Hat Linux is developed and used in Latin America. Conectiva became known in Germany through its accession to United Linux.

On 24 February 2005 announced that Conectiva was bought by the French Linux distributor Mandrake for 1.79 million euros. Even a new name was found by this merger: Mandriva. The target of takeover an extension of the research and development sector was called before all things. Conectiva loses the status of a separate distribution and can be considered as a set.


The "Crystal" icons for KDE, which were designed by the Conectiva Leaders Esveraldo Coelho, and porting " apt4rpm " the package management of Debian GNU / Linux, are Conectiva. Furthermore, the Graphical User Interface was developed by Conectiva Synaptic. Conectiva has, inter alia, Rik van Riel and the kernel maintainer Marcelo Tosatti.

Conectiva is a Linux distribution for the Latin American market. You will develop a range of products and additional services aimed at the demand of open source tools, so something like literature, manuals, additional software like Linux - ons and embedded systems, OEM programs, and the " Revista do Linux " ( Linux Magazine ). Also offers Conectiva consulting, training and technical support throughout Latin America through its own service centers and certified partners.

Conectiva developed in the domain of the Linux kernel, the high availability of Linux and in the field of driver. Furthermore: XFree86, network protocols, firewall, Linux cluster, performance analysis and optimization, file and resource management. Since its inception, Conectiva has developed solutions for the corporate sector and now has a wide range of products, which includes, among others, software for ATMs and cash in financial institutions, infrastructural solutions for local authorities, as well as a complete Linux offering that is sold through major retail chains in Brazil.