Coney Island Cyclone

Cyclone at Astroland on Coney Iceland ( Brooklyn, New York, USA) is a wooden roller coaster that was designed by Vernon Keenan and built by Harry C. Baker. It was opened on 26 June 1927.

Cyclone ran until 1970, but was then closed. In the spring of 1972 was Cyclone the danger of being dismantled to make way for the expansion of the eastern aquarium. It was a campaign in place Protects the Cyclone, Astroland leased the land and opened Cyclone on July 3, 1975 again. On June 26, 1991, at 64 Cyclones birthday, she became a National Historical Landmark (National Historic Landmark ) appointed.

She is a role model for some built below wooden roller coaster of the same type, such as the Texas Cyclone in Houston or Bandit in Germany.

Cyclone has three trains, each with three cars. In each coach eight people can ( four rows of two people) take place.