Confiscation (Latin confiscatio ) or confiscation referred to the expropriation and confiscation of goods, or parts of assets by the state without compensation. In wrongly States and in revolutionary situations, the confiscation is often done without any legal basis, only on the basis of the power of the state or of the revolutionaries. In law, the confiscation is a result of an act committed by the owner of confiscation Good injustice and can be done in addition to a penalty for offenses of various kinds: for example, in customs offenses that the confiscation of contraband result, or breaches of the Endangered Species Act. Murder weapons will also be confiscated; Legal basis here is the so-called decline in favor of the state.

The verb that describes the process of confiscation is, confiscate.

Expropriation / confiscation

There is a significant legal difference between the two expressions. The ownership of the property is canceled in both cases, but during confiscation referred to the deprivation of property without compensation, it is in the expropriation to deprivation of property with compensation. In the politicians, media and colloquial language is often spoken without regard to this difference of expropriation.