Congress of Deputies (Spain)

The Legislative of Deputies is the lower house of the Spanish Parliament, the Cortes Generales.

According to Article 68 of the Spanish Constitution, the House of Representatives from 300 to 400 deputies who are elected by universal, free, equal, direct and secret ballot. The Constitution contains the following additional regulations: constituencies ( circunscripciones ) are the 50 provinces and the two enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla in North Africa. In total, there are 52 constituencies (Art. 68.2 ). The selection is made in the individual constituencies by proportional representation (Art. 68.3 ).

Details are regulated by the electoral law (Ley Organica del Régimen Electoral General, LOREG ). ( Ie how are the votes cast translated into seats ) The provisions of the electoral process can be found there, in Title II, Chapter III.

There are 350 deputies elected (Art. 162.1 LOREG ). The distribution to the individual constituencies shall be governed as follows: Ceuta and Melilla each represent a member of parliament, and two seats each province receives in advance (Art. 162.2 LOREG ). This 102 seats so already distributed. The remaining 248 are distributed to the provinces in proportion to the population and indeed after the Hare - Niemeyer method (Art. 162.3 LOREG ).