Connect Direct

Connect: Direct (C: D) is a file- transfer product in data processing.

Originally developed under the name NDM ( Network Data Mover ) in order to exchange data in text or binary format in the " mainframe " world later in the " midrange " area. The manufacturer acquired in 2010 by IBM Sterling Commerce changed the name later while in Connect: Direct, but the old name " NDM " remained, especially in the Anglo-Saxon common. Traditionally NDM based on the SNA protocol from IBM. In the early 1990s, TCP / IP came about that has prevailed today.

Compared to a pure FTP transfer offers C: D the opportunity to be embedded in the batch mode, controllability, speeding the transfer by compression method and secure the transmission by TLS with the Secure Plus option.

Main advantage of C: D compared to the same in their functional open source tools SSH, SCP and rsync the variety is natively supported platforms.

C: D is widely used in the world of finance, public administration and other large enterprises where a variety of computers need to exchange large amounts of data.

C: D is not to be confused with the similar sounding peer-to -peer software Direct Connect.