Conny Jepsen

Conny Jepsen ( born January 8, 1921 in Vejle, † February 3, 1989 in Lidingö ) was a Danish- Swedish badminton player.


Conny Jepsen won in 1939 and 1941, the Danish national championships. During the Second World War, he went into hiding and emigrated to England and Sweden and fought against the German occupying power in Denmark. After the war he kept Sweden as a food item and is therefore often referred to as starting for this country led in winners' lists. In 1945 he won the Denmark Open and 1947 the prestigious All England. At the time of his victory in London, he started for a Swedish club, so that this success is mostly attributed to Sweden.

Sporting successes


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  • Born 1921
  • Died in 1989
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