ConocoPhillips is an international energy company and is considered the third-largest U.S. oil company. The headquarters is located in Houston, United States. The shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange ( NYSE) under the symbol COP. Since the split in 2012 ConocoPhillips is now responsible for the exploration and production of new oil, the so-called upstream business; refineries and retail networks went to the Phillips 66 Company.

He was born on 30 August 2002 by the merger of the two companies Conoco Inc. and Phillips Petroleum Company, entered into Europe primarily through its own network of filling stations in appearance, which bear the name of JET.

The retail network comprised over 20,000 service stations worldwide, of which under the name of " JET " 540 in Germany and 140 in Austria that are currently operated by the Phillips 66 Company.

Furthermore, were 18 refineries owned by ConocoPhillips. This also included the Wilhelmshaven refinery in Wilhelmshaven. This was taken in the first half of 2006 from the French Louis Dreyfus Group, since 2009 stands still and was closed from 1 June 2011. At Germany's second largest refinery fuels, the MiRO ( Mineraloelraffinerie Upper Rhine ) in Karlsruhe, the company holds about 20 percent.

In Germany ConocoPhillips operation in addition 47 car washes under the name Star Wash and was the No. 2 car wash operators.

In Switzerland, ConocoPhillips is involved as a partner of Coop since 1988 to 49 percent in mineral oil Coop AG, which is the nation's gas stations and convenience stores operates and sells heating oil.

In the Timor Sea ConocoPhillips exploits the natural gas field Bayu Undan. The gas is passed into the Australian Darwin for further processing. The neighboring state of East Timor 's share of the profits. There were irregularities in the 2010 settlement, partly because ConocoPhillips won helium from the gas field and East Timor uninformed about the recovery. Also accused East Timor ConocoPhillips having paid too little tax and imposed a heavy fine. ConcocoPhilipps therefore went to court.

In March 2006, the Company acquired Burlington Resources for 35.6 billion U.S. dollars.

The win was in 2012 at 8.428 billion U.S. dollars.


On July 14, 2011, ConocoPhillips announced that the company will be split into two separate listed companies Refining & Marketing and Exploration & Production. This should be through a spin -off of the Refining & Marketing division. happen.

On 1 May 2012, the division was completed. The newly formed public company Phillips 66, which contains the cleaved downstream business employed, in 2012 around 13,500 people worldwide and generated sales of about 179 billion U.S. dollars in the same year. With the splitting of the JET brand went to Phillips 66 and ConocoPhillips not longer belongs to.