Conrad I, Count of Luxembourg

Conrad I (* 1040, † August 8, 1086 ) was from 1059 to 1086 Count of Luxembourg. He was the Firstborn of Giselbert of Luxembourg, married to Clémence of Poitiers (PDF, 3.4 MB), daughter of Guillaume l' aigret, Duke of Aquitaine, from the family of Ramnulfiden. Children from this, and possibly a further marriage were:

  • Heinrich ( † 1096 ), when Henry III. Succeeded his father as Count of Luxembourg
  • Wilhelm ( † 1129 ), succeeded his brother Henry after his death
  • Ermesinde († 1141 )

As more children are mentioned in the literature: Mathilde, Rudolf Konrad and Adalbert.

Konrad I. ascended the throne in 1059 after the death of his father. One of his first (known) deeds was that he captured the Archbishop Eberhard of Trier and is said to have brought him to the Luxembourg. He was then occupied by Pope Nicholas II with excommunication.

On July 6, 1083, Count Konrad the Benedictine Altmünster ( " Almënster "). He presented the monastery with five farms ( Meier farms ), fishing rights on the Péitruss and the Uelzecht, and for the mill at the Urecht construction of firewood from the Grengewald.

In 1085 he moved with his brothers, who was Bishop of Toul and the other Bishop of Metz to the Holy Land a. He died in 1086 during the return trip to Italy. His body was taken to the Luxembourg in 1090 and buried in the crypt of the Altmünsterabtei.